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Raymond Larez, FHL Alumnus, returned to participate in BISLE.

SEAHEC FHL Alumnus Returns to Participate in BISLE

When asked about how participating in Future Health Leaders helped him decide on a career path, he says, “If it wasn’t for Med-Club, pursuing a Masters degree in Public Health wouldn’t have been a possibility.” Continue reading

2013 Frontera Border Tour at fence

Border Provides Unique Opportunity for Binational Interprofessional Service Learning (BISLE)

During a weekend in August, a unique group of dedicated health professions students gathered in Ambos Nogales to learn about community health issues, provide needed services, and work together in an interprofessional manner. Continue reading


2016 Border Health Service Learning Institute (BHSLI) Tour

SEAHEC collaborates with universities and community partners to provide exciting opportunities for learning and exploration for future health professionals through our Student Training Opportunities Program (SSTOP). We also provide placement services and support to medical, pharmacy, public health, dental and nursing students to help them complete clinical and community rotations in rural border communities. For more information about SEAHEC’s Student Training Opportunities, contact Program Coordinator, Erin Sol. esol@seahec.org

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Gail Bio

SEAHEC Executive Director: Politicians Could Emulate Our Border Community Teens

Our people here at the border are connected. Our history connects us, our economy connects us, our air, water and environment connect us. Common sense should connect us too. Continue reading


UA BLAISER Students Join “Fight the Bite” Campaign

Canvasing Nogales
A new program at the University of Arizona has provided SEAHEC another opportunity to help prepare health professions students for real world practice. This summer, SEAHEC hosted 19 students from Border Latino & American Indian Summer Exposure to Research (BLAISER.) The students joined the efforts of our Future Health Leaders and the FRONTERA group that worked with us in stemming the tide of mosquito born illness. SEAHEC has been working with the Arizona Department of Health Services and other partners to stop the spread of illnesses like Zika and Dengue through a community education campaign known as “Fight the Bite.”

Students visited both Nogales Arizona, and Nogales Mexico to spread the word and conduct a survey about the prevalence of mosquito borne illnesses. SEAHEC, working with FRONTERA and BLAISER students collected over 200 surveys from community members.

Learning objectives for the BLAISER  students included

  • Gain exposure to rural border community life in both US and Mexico
  • Compare and contrast built environments and their impact on health
  • Learn about priority health issues that impact our border
  • Practice health education & outreach … Continue reading