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SEAHEC invites interested agencies, institutions and individuals to collaborate with us.  Current and ongoing initiatives include: Advocacy for vulnerable populations, particularly promoting understanding of Migrant and Farmworker health issues and working to develop and support policies that protect migrant and farmworker communities.

Farmworker health: A critical component of promoting health and health equity is advocacy.  SEAHEC advocates for vulnerable populations and those whose voices are not heard.  In 2020, with COVID raging through our country, SEAHEC and partners developed policy recommendations promoting farmworker health & safety practices (see publication link).  Health departments throughout Arizona adopted these recommendations, improving the working conditions and practices of farms and education of farmworkers about COVID and its prevention.

Migrant health – Through its involvement in the MILAGRO Migration Leading to Action & Growth interprofessional course of migrant health, SEAHEC and partners offer a service learning opportunity for health professions students to provide direct care and develop educational projects, supporting migrant health needs at the Catholic Community Services/Casa Alitas migrant shelter, in Tucson, AZ.  Students learn about US policy and immigration policies that have shaped migration in our country and abroad.  Moreover, students are involved in formulating campaigns, projects and discussions on how our immigration system can be improved.

Through its partnership with Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health, SEAHEC offers a field practicum for students to learn about the border region, increase understanding about the history of migration, root causes and policies in place that impact migrants and migration.  This year student interns have created a migration advocacy project creating a Pod Cast series and publishing Op Eds on immigration policy and realities here at the US Mexico border. More about Migrant Farmworker Health

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