Health Professions Student Training Opportunities

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There are many myths and beliefs about the difficulties of living and working in rural/underserved areas that act as deterrents for health care providers.  As a result, the communities most in need have the hardest time recruiting and retaining qualified providers.

SEAHEC helps to break down these barriers by assisting health professions students to get community experience through completing rotations and internships at clinics in medically-underserved communities.

SEAHEC staff coordinate with academic institutions to provide community training opportunities. We also provide students with in-depth orientation to the local community. We help to shape rewarding learning opportunities and, in some situations, can also provide stipends to help with housing and travel expenses.

These training opportunities are made possible with the guidance of dedicated and experienced SEAHEC preceptors and other health care providers who act as student mentors.

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2017 Mt. Sinai Tour: Students Find Inspiration

2017 Mt. Sinai Tour-Students Visit Rio Rico Fire Department_thm

Once again, students from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai made their annual pilgrimage from New York to Nogales in March. During the 2017 Mt. Sinai Tour, students shared an action packed week of discovery and a taste of health care practice in Arizona’s rural border communities. Hosted by SEAHEC for nearly a decade, students from the organization known as “Medical Students Making Impacts,” return to Nogales each spring to meet with local health professionals and visit health care facilities and the communities they serve. The goal is to learn about the challenges and rewards of practicing in this unique rural setting. For students, many of whom are from urban backgrounds, the experience is an eye opening one. For SEAHEC, it is an opportunity to introduce potential future health care providers to the professional and educational opportunities inherent in serving rural communities. Continue reading