mexican_hospitalCreating successful student clinical rotations involves many community members in addition to the SEAHEC staff. Chief among these are the clinical preceptors, community-based health care providers who provide guidance and mentorship for each student during placement. Clinical preceptors get the satisfaction of helping to create the culturally-competent health care workforce of tomorrow.

Preceptors are professionals who:

  • Enjoy teaching and sharing their expertise as part of the academic process.
  • Are lifelong learners who are comfortable saying “I don’t know” when appropriate.
  • Recognize the importance of a mentor and role model.
  • Are able to spend time with a student and participate in the development of the student’s professional identity.
  • Are critical thinkers who aspire to create new knowledge and will challenge students intellectually.
  • Will provide feedback to students along the way regarding their thoughts, experiences and future career goals.

If playing this essential role in the life of an aspiring healthcare professional is of interest to you, contact SEAHEC Erin Sol, Coordinator for Student Training Opportunities at or 520-287-4722 for further information.