If you have ever had to find health data for a small border community, you know how difficult it can be to dig through all the information out there to find out if what you are seeking is even available. With the “Arizona Border Region Data Resources & Virtual Library,” all of that research has already been done for you! The purpose of the library is to provide health data at the county or community level that can be used by organizations and communities to set health priorities, plan health programs, seek funding, and advocate. The ABC Health Network has collected and compiled all known existing health needs assessments for Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma counties, including some that have never before been released publically. For each data source, the full document is included but a summary paragraph explains what information is included on the local county or community and where in the document to locate it. Since many of these are pieces of national or state-wide reports, it makes it much easier to get straight to what you are looking for. Please check out the virtual data library Also, if you know of any resource that is not yet included please contact Lynda Bergsma of the Rural Health Office at the University of Arizona at lbergsma@email.arizona.edu.