Tohono O'odham Summer CampLed by SEAHEC’s newest FHL program coordinator, Tashina Machain, 10 Tohono O’odham High School students, 14-19 years old, held their first annual FHL Summer Camp, where they worked with five U of A BARA students to learn important college level science study skills. The students gained hands on experience through conducting field work in their own communities and interviewing health care professionals who specialize in topics chosen by the students for their impact on community health. Topics included community agriculture as a strategy for combatting diabetes, home nursing to monitor infant health, and physical therapy, among others.
At the end of the four day youth camp, the students presented their results to their community.
“It is good that these kids learn early, they will learn to fix our problems and make a better life for us and themselves,” said Shirley C. Bautista, Grandmother of three camp participants, in response to the presentation.