SEAHEC Future Health Leaders Diego Garcia, Susan Dauz and Briana Chavez.

SEAHEC Future Health Leaders Diego Garcia, Susan Dauz and Briana Chavez.

Today is Monday – day of the Great American Eclipse. Notre Dame had an awesome weekend planned out for the class of 2021 and I had a great time. I arrived at South Bend, Indiana Friday a little past noon. I was really excited to get to start a new chapter of my life, yet, naturally, I was anxious and nervous about what the future would hold. The University had several activities planned out for us, which included the official welcome, a cookout inside the Notre Dame football stadium, ice skating, and many dorm festivities. Most universities have their own type of welcome weekends and I’d like to think that each do a great job of getting you prepared for the stress ahead. Welcome weekends definitely help get your mind off the fact that you’ll be away from home, but more importantly they help you build friendships at your college.

My classes start tomorrow, and I don’t even have a backpack, book, notebook, or any type of school supply. I don’t think it will matter much because I’m told that the first week of college always consists of syllabus readings. I still can’t even believe I am already in college. I feel as if this change is only temporary and that in a few weeks I’ll be back home. Either way, I just want college to start already and just get settled on a routine as I’m sure this will help calm any nervousness I have.

I still haven’t made any friends that I can really talk to and feel comfortable with. Of course, I have met many people from all over the world, especially many Latinos from all over. Yet, I don’t see myself really becoming a ‘best friend’ of anyone. I’m not really worried, though, since I’m just three days into college and I am sure I’ll have many friends before I know it. I have found that college is full of many different types of people, so even if you feel as an outcast in high school, you will not feel the same in college. Everyone here tells me to get involved in clubs and activities in order to meet new people, so I’ll give the same advice.

My schedule looks good. It goes with exactly the type of classes I wanted to take. All in all, I have 19 credits this semester, meaning that I spend 19 hours of the week in class. My classes consist of Writing and Rhetoric, Calculus, Chemistry and Chem Lab, Physics and Physics Lab, Microeconomics, and Moreau First Year Experience (which discusses modern, controversial topics).

I expect to get lost around campus several times tomorrow trying to find my classes, but I am sure everything will be fine. My earliest class in my schedule is at 9:30 am, which is great for someone that likes to stay up late.