2020 scholars

2020 scholars

Jacqueline Larson, Nogales High School

“Because of FHL I found my passion of wanting to help people through public health which is what I will be learning at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman college of Public Health.”

FHL Offices Held

Secretary 2017-2018

President 2018-2019

President 2019-2020

College/Career Plans:

University of Arizona/Public Health

Yareli Carolina Sánchez Vega, Nogales High School

“I had an amazing time learning and developing skills about different professions in the medical field that one day will help me achieve my goals.

FHL Offices Held

Secretary 2019-2020

College/Career Plans:

Pima Community College/ University of Arizona/certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA)

2020 scholars 2020 scholars

Diana Garcia, Nogales High School

“FHL was definitely a contributor to my professional success–I built an extensive resume with the experiences I had in the club, especially when it came to organizing annual community events.”

FHL Offices Held:

Vice-President 2018-2020

College/Career Plans:

University of Notre Dame/Neuroscience

Ralph Emmanuel B. Rosales Ajo High School

“Being in the Health Club has taught me many things, but above all else, it taught me how to be a leader.”

President 2018-2020

College/Career Plans:

Arizona State University