Amaury Gama, Program Coordinator for Future Health Leaders

2018 Amaury Gama

In September 2018, SEAHEC welcomed new-hire Amaury Gama, as our Coordinator for Future Health Leaders. Amaury comes to SEAHEC with several years’ experience in the health field. Formerly employed by the UA Center for Rural Health, as a Navigator and Certified Enrollment Assistor, he also worked at Mariposa Community Health Center. He is bilingual, bicultural and a very enthusiastic and qualified member of the SEAHEC team. Amaury has already initiated his SEAHEC work with clubs in Tucson (Pueblo HS), Ajo, Douglas, Bisbee and Tohono O’odham nation.

“It is wonderful to have Amaury as the newest member of our SEAHEC team. He brings an amazing amount of knowledge and enthusiasm to our agency and particularly to the youth with whom he works. Already, Amaury has accomplished so much in so little time. He recently co-chaperoned a group of more than 70 teens on a tour of Grand Canyon University, he has initiated work with eight of our 9 clubs in southern Arizona (Lupita coordinates our Nogales Club), and he has gained the respect and trust of our high school administrators, teachers and students. Thank you Amaury!”

Linda Cifuentes, M.S., Global Health, SEAHEC Capacity Building Coordinator, Winchester Heights Community Center

2018 Linda Cifuentes

Linda Cifuentes joined SEAHEC in 2018. She provides support to residents of Winchester Heights, AZ, the primary location of SEAHEC’s Healthy Farms Program. She will help the community build the organizational capacity and skills needed to maintain their new community center, and to address health priorities identified during the 2017 community environmental health assessment conducted with SEAHEC. Ms. Cifuentes received a B.S. in Biological Anthropology from the University of Arizona and graduated with a Master of Science in Global Health with a concentration in Epidemiology from the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Linda’s desire to work with underserved communities stems from her parents’ experiences as immigrants in the U.S. as well as witnessing the drastic differences in quality of life between countries like El Salvador and Guatemala, and the U.S. She is not only passionate about providing underprivileged communities with their basic human needs, but also seeks to bring opportunities for them to flourish. She is excited to be a part of SEAHEC’s team and the EPA-granted project to prepare the Winchester Heights community to own and manage their own community center.

“We welcome Linda Cifuentes to the SEAHEC team! She will play a vital role in capacity building working side by side with community members in rural southeast Arizona, assisting them in organizing and advocating for their health and development needs. Already, Linda has helped create a Community Action Board in Winchester Heights, where people meet to strategize on addressing issues including water quality and neighborhood safety. Linda is leading efforts in Winchester Heights including coordination with agencies such as Willcox Rotary for the introduction of native trees and an irrigation system, as well as with the Community Food Bank to address food security and nutrition. Thanks for joining us Linda.”