2015 Frontera Centro Urbano

Since 1985 SEAHEC has supported over 1,000 health professions students in exploring what it is like to serve in Arizona’s rural border communities. There are many myths and beliefs about the difficulties of living and working in rural/underserved areas that act as deterrents for health care providers. As a result, the communities most in need have the hardest time recruiting and retaining qualified providers.

SEAHEC helps to break down these barriers by assisting health professions students to get fulfilling hands-on experience by completing rotations and internships at clinics in medically underserved communities. SEAHEC staff provide in-depth orientation to the local community and coordination with respective academic institutions. We help to shape rewarding learning opportunities and, in some situations, can also provide stipends to help with housing and travel expenses. These training opportunities are made possible with the guidance of dedicated and experienced SEAHEC preceptors and other health care providers who act as mentors.

In the past three years, our capacity to provide placement and support to students from a wide range of disciplines have grown, thanks to our partners and preceptors, who have dedicated their time and expertise to ensuring that students have a productive and rewarding placement experience.

SEAHEC’s Health Professions Student Placements 2012-2015

Discipline FY 12-13 Discipline FY 13-14 Discipline FY 14-15
1st Yr. Med 10 1st Yr. Med 40 1st Yr. Med 44
2nd Yr. Med 11 2nd Yr. Med 14 2nd Yr. Med 0
3rd Yr. Med 5 3rd Yr. Med 2 3rd Yr. Med 9
Dental 17 Dental 17 Dental 12
Nursing 6 Nursing 19 Nursing 35
PA 17 PA 23 PA 14
Public Health 36 Public Health 22 Public Health 27
Residents 14 Residents 14 Residents 10
    Pharmacy 13 Pharmacy 16
        Physical Therapy 1
  116   164 Pre-Med 10
        Mental Health 2
        Social Work 1
        Veterinary 1

We wish to extend a special thanks to: