SEAHEC Publishes New Documentary on Winchester Heights

Winchester Heights – A Model for Community Empowerment

Our new documentary chronicles SEAHEC’s work over the past decade to create a community health worker driven rural development model.  By helping communities build key infrastructure and organizational capacity, we can lower barriers to creating a safe and healthy community for families in low-income, rural communities. Our model, developed through  our Healthy Farms Program, can be adapted by other rural communities that lack public health supporting infrastructure. We have made a short version, about 5 minutes, and full version is about 20 minutes. 

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Full Version (20 minutes)


Winchester Heights Community Center Hosts Lead Safety Workshop

June, 24th, 2020|

The Winchester Heights Community Center hosted a community workshop on lead safety on March 4th, 2020. There were 16 participants at the workshop, who received the results of a recent water quality study conducted by SEAHEC and learned about lead exposure safety. Later, community health workers visited 26 homes providing lead safety information to 104 adults and children.

Winchester Heights Promotores Conduct Home Visits on Asthma

March, 1st, 2020|

In Winchester Heights, SEAHEC’s trained Promotores de Salud, or Community Health Workers (CHWs), set out in January 2020 to teach community members about the risks and causes associated with asthma as well as strategies for prevention. The lesson was created for the particular context of Winchester Heights and its dominant Mexican-American culture and is part of SEAHEC’s “Agua Limpia” project, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Justice grant program.

Special Report: Winchester Community Center a “Game Changer”

September, 3rd, 2019|

Since the Winchester Community Center was inaugurated last summer, the community's transformation has been remarkable. A fenced playground, a soccer field, a sturdy, bright blue building in the center of the neighborhood, have become a magnet and generator of social activity.

Once known for its lack of infrastructure and services, Winchester Heights now hosts a wide variety of activities at the new community center.