With Funds from US Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership

In February, 2022 SEAHEC signed three agreements with the US Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership
(BPP), one each to collaborate respectively with Mexican Consulates’ Ventanilla de Salud programs in
Nogales, Douglas and Phoenix. This has allowed SEAHEC to work with partners to:

1. Inform Hispanic, Latino and undocumented communities on the importance of getting the Covid
vaccine, stigma reduction and other educational activities;
2. Develop culturally and linguistically appropriate efforts and materials to boost COVID 19
response; and
3. Conduct trainings and community events to increase COVID 19 vaccination rates among the
Latino community in our outreach area.

We are having tremendous success! Since signing of the agreement, SEAHEC and Ventanilla de Salud
program has conducted weekly outreach events, dozens of vaccination campaign days/events and
educated thousands of community members on the importance of receiving the vaccine.

Achievements to date:
 Approximately 6,300 vaccinations provided between March and June 2022
 37 Education & Outreach Events held
 Community support and partnerships strengthened


To accomplish so much in such challenging times, SEAHEC relies on two critical strategies – utilization of
trained and trusted community health workers or “promotores de salud” to conduct outreach,
education, the cultivation and maintenance of long-term and important strategic partnerships. We
work closely with the University of Arizona Mobile Health Unit conducting joint trainings with their staff
and our CHWs. We work with local community health centers and county health department staff,
meeting and regularly planning to conduct joint events and outreach, building on existing efforts and
going to where hard to reach populations need our assistance.

Some of our numerous events included Dia de la Mujer celebration at the Mexican Consulate Nogales
with partner Mariposa Community Health Center, Brothers & Sisters of Charity Food Pantry, Youth on
the Border COVID & Kid education outreach, and collaboration with Santa Cruz County Health
Department in the Placita to conduct outreach to homeless and vulnerable peoples.
Our team at SEAHEC, alongside our partners, will keep providing the Latino community the vital
information for their family’s wellbeing.

Community Health Worker Profile:

Interview with Amy Pacheco-Mata, Community Health Worker SEAHEC

What do you enjoy most about your work as CHW?

  *   I love my position as a CHW because I see the difference and impact, I make on not only my
community but also across the border. I enjoy the relationships I built with everyone who I interact with
especially at Casa Alitas. I see in them my own family and it’s heartwarming to know I am part of their
journey here in the U.S.

What was a major success or accomplishment of working as a CHW?

  *   At Casa Alitas I once spoke with a family who shared the adversities & violence they faced as they
immigrated to the U.S. They trusted me with their story and shared their needs/ worries. I provided
them with not only my attention but also the resources they most needed as they began their life here
away from the violence they feared back home. To me, success that day was knowing this family felt
heard, safe, and that we’d be there for them even after leaving Casa Alitas.

How do you remain motivated in this challenging environment educating people on COVID?

  *   COVID nonetheless has presented challenges, and fatigue at times. Methods I’ve used to keep me
motivated include taking a mental break and looking back at all the good I’ve done as a CHW. I also
enjoy talking with my friends and family because they remind me of my goals, accomplishments, and
positivity I may overlook. I appreciate my support system because they help me keep going and make a
difference in our communities.



Community Health Worker Amy Pacheco providing information on elderly abuse at Haven Health in
Safford Az.



SEAHEC joins Nogales’s Youth Under the Stars Event in the Monte Carlo Bike Trail.