Border Health Slider Gail CanWeTalk Noting that much national news about the US-Mexico border focuses on the negative SEAHEC Executive Director, Gail Emrick, recently reached out to the Arizona Daily Star to share a “fresh perspective” that illuminates the positive nature of cross border relations. “If politicians want to use the border as an example of what they are going to do when elected, how about a fresh perspective of unlimited cooperation and potential?” She wrote in an August 12th Op Ed piece for the Arizona Daily Star. “That perspective is shared and practiced by my colleagues, friends and youth here at the border,” she said. The editorial opinion piece, entitled “ Emrick: Collaboration on border health issues sets an example” was a product of the “Op-Ed Project: Tucson Public Voices Fellowship” sponsored by the Women’s Foundation for Southern Arizona. The fellowship is part of a national initiative to change public discourse by supporting women to write a greater share of editorials, to “increase the influence of women and minority thought leaders, changing who narrates our world.” Fellowship Applications for the 2017 round are currently available at SEAHEC and our community partners have a 30 year history of coalition building and cross-border cooperation.  To learn more about the positive impact of cross border collaboration, read Ms. Emrick’s article at the Arizona Daily Star.  You can also find out more about the impact of cross border collaboration by subscribing to the SEAHEC Quarterly Bulletin. SEAHEC is often in the local news. To follow us in the news, visit our SEAHEC in the News page.