The Karen Halverson Memorial Scholarship is given annually, by SEAHEC, to graduating
high school seniors interested in pursuing a health career. Awards are given to those
students who have demonstrated leadership in the Youth Health Leaders club, have
provided community service and have been accepted to a college or University. Karen
Halverson served as the Director of SEAHEC for more twenty years and this scholarship
allows her legacy to live on through the inspiration and goals of our Young people in
southern Arizona.


Lupita Gonzalez, Paulina Garcia, Ana Lucia Gastelum, Brianna Rivera.


Paulina Garcia’s major aspiration is to become a Medical Lawyer. She will be attending the

University of Arizona. She is very motivated and envisions supporting and defending those in need.


I would have the opportunity to implement my passion for working and helping others. As a
medical lawyer, I would also be the compassionate voice for medical practioners in need of
solidarity when human error prevails.”

Ana Lucia Gastelum will be attending the University of Arizona with an Interest in Psychology
and Pediatric Dentistry.

“As weird as it sounds I like going to the dentist and I also like to give advice to my friends and help
them make important decisions.”

“I became a member of Youth Health Leaders Club my senior year. This club helped me meet new
people and also helped me with public speaking skills. The Youth Recovery Coach Training
helped me understand others, I learned how to be a good listener and the right the importance of
confidentiality, this made me more interested in pursuing psychology. What I learned in this club will
help me communicate with and listen to others and will also help me not be shy and talk to others. I
find myself applying the skills I learned in the club in the future because I want to help as much
people as possible in whatever they may need.”

Brianna Rivera will be attending university to study Neuroscience or Neurobiology.

“As a health professional I would address the opioid crisis and encourage patients to use peer
to peer recovery coaches for support and not recommend opioids. I would work hard to find
something that will give the positive effect/ impacts on patients to ease pain away and refer them to
pain control management and use holistic therapies such as medication and lifestyle-based healthy
habits”. Being part of the CNA Nursing class at Nogales High School also taught me a lot and
helped me realize I always wanted to be a medical professional and save lives.”

Mariana Soto will be attending University of Arizona pursing Microbiology with a major interest in
Public Health.

“Being a microbiologist may contribute to inform people of dangerous bacterium and

pathogens that could be deadly to communities and it will help others to learn and protect themselves
from them.”