Southern Telehealth Alliance

SATA Coordinator Beth Robinson with L’Don Sawyer, of Tucson Medical Center (TMC) and Susan Willis of the Southern Arizona Hospital Alliance (SAHA) met to assess the needs of southern providers, discuss recent Telehealth policy issues and discuss plans to launch the new Southern Arizona Telehealth Alliance (SATA).

Advances in technology have the potential to help rural communities overcome barriers to health care access and delivery, but is southern Arizona poised to take advantage of new developments? Beth Robinson, SEAHEC’s new Continuing Education Coordinator is working to help make that happen.

Building on the successful model of the University of Arizona’s Northern Arizona Telehealth Alliance (NATA) SEAHEC and the University of Arizona’s Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP) will work closely together to create an alliance of organizations located in or serving southern Arizona that currently have or wish to start a telehealth program.

The purpose of the Alliance is to create a “place for any type of facility to come with questions, failures, or successes to share and also get ideas for future projects they might want to take on in creating a telehealth program.” said Mrs. Robinson.

The Southern Arizona Telehealth Alliance (SATA) will function as a clearing house for information, collaboration and troubleshooting. Among the topics to be addressed will be upcoming legislation, funding opportunities and opportunities for health agencies to share what they are doing and learn from each other. The next meeting is planned for October.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Beth Robinson: