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Future Health Leaders

2017 SEAHEC Karen Halverson Scholars

Congratulations SEAHEC Scholars

Congratulations SEAHEC Karen Halverson Scholars. We are proud of you.

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Future Health Leaders Explore Forensic Science

By Guest Blogger Katherine Nicole Welchlin.

On Tuesday, March 7th 2017 85 SEAHEC Future Health Leaders and their chaperones, representing six high schools, attended the Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Forensic Science Day in Phoenix Arizona. At the event, students were able to explore the diverse field of forensic science as well as career options within the field.

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Health Professions Students 

Healthcare Providers Learn to Mentor Students

In April, health care providers from Cochise, Santa Cruz and Pima Counties met at Mariposa Community Health Center (MCHC) for a two day training to become clinical preceptors – community-based health care providers who provide guidance and mentor-ship for students completing required clinical rotations.

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2017 Mt. Sinai Tour: Students Find Inspiration

Once again, students from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai made their annual pilgrimage from New York to Nogales in March. During the 2017 Mt. Sinai Tour, students shared an action packed week of discovery and a taste of health care practice in Arizona’s rural border communities. Hosted by SEAHEC for nearly a decade, students from the organization known as “Medical Students Making Impacts,” return to Nogales each spring to meet with local health professionals and visit health care facilities and the communities they serve. The goal is to learn about the challenges and rewards of practicing in this unique rural setting. For students, many of whom are from urban backgrounds, the experience is an eye opening one. For SEAHEC, it is an opportunity to introduce potential future health care providers to the professional and educational opportunities inherent in serving rural communities.

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Community Health Initiatives

Parents & Teens Build Communication Skills

“…we all need to be open-minded with one another, perhaps the situation we are going through is the same situation our parents faced.”
“I loved the program. I thank you for the opportunity you give in order to understand our kids.”

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Interns & Alumni

Congratulations SEAHEC Interns. Every year SEAHEC provides opportunities for health professions interns to work with and serve our communities on various projects. Interns come from a variety of back grounds, and different schools, yet all interns strive to become health professionals. It is our hope that with the skills provided and experience received these students will go forth to even greater accomplishments throughout their professional lives. This year we recognize two recent graduates from the SEAHEC internship program.


Kelly Lynn Neel

Kelly Lynn Neel. University of Arizona, Bachelor of Science in Public Health. May, 2017.

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Katherine Nicole Welchlin

Katherine Welchlin-University of Arizona Bachelor’s in Public Health-Minor in Spanish. May, 2017.
Pima County Heath Department – Health Educator- Community Health Services.

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Success Stories

SEAHEC interns and alumni are our future health care providers. Interns like Jenni Adams and Bernadette Hernandez do work that enables SEAHEC to expand our community programs. 

Jenni, a medical student at A.T Still University and Bernadette, who currently works as a School-Linked Health Care Coordinator at Mariposa Community Health Center, are classic examples of how SEAHEC’s “Healthcare Workforce Pipeline”  provides opportunities for youth to return and serve in their communities.

“Home grown” healthcare providers are the key to improving access to culturally competent health care.

SEAHEC Intern Recognized at El Rio Symposium

SEAHEC Intern, Jenni Adams, brought home a ribbon last week for her presentation on SEAHEC’s work with Sonoran promotoras (community health workers) from Molino de Camou, Sonora, México, a small community located on the Rio Sonora northeast of Hermosillo.

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Bernadette Hernandez

I am currently living my dream of providing health services to my hometown of Nogales, AZ.  Nogales is a hybrid society split by the Mexican-American border. On the Mexican side you have a mid-size metropolitan city with the hustle and bustle of international commerce; rich in culture from those who have become stranded trying to make their way into the United States of America. On the American side, it is a close knit community where we all know each other and are anxious to help each other succeed.…

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