Internship Opportunities

Volunteer and Internship opportunities offer a chance to give back to your community while learning valuable skills. SEAHEC works with community partners on both sides of the Arizona-Mexico border to improve health service delivery and provide health related education. SEAHEC’s ongoing programs provide opportunities for health professions students to gain hands on experience in health fields in a rural and international setting.

For information on volunteering or interning with SEAHEC please send a copy of your resume to Erin Sol,, Coordinator for Student Training Opportunities.  

For information about getting involved in high school health career clubs, please send us a message at

Ongoing Opportunities

High School Health Career Clubs Summer Camp Facilitators:

Tohono O'odham Summer Camp

Mentor our Students

High School Health Career Clubs Guest Speakers:

SEAHEC seeks health professionals and health professions students to share their valuable experiences with our students at club meetings. SEAHEC’s High School Career Clubs offer students an opportunity to explore health careers and college life.  SEAHEC operates clubs in Nogales, Rio Rico, Bisbee, Douglas, Willcox, Tucson, and the Tohono O’odham Nation. Our students need role models who can help them envision a future health career.  Sharing your knowledge can be a great way to inspire someone to join your profession, or help someone decide to go to college. Possible topics include sharing personal experiences in choosing a career or attending academic institutions. Prospective speakers may also propose a creative activity that reflects their personal experience to teach younger students about health careers. To propose an idea or schedule a talk at a club meeting, please contact Lupita Gonzales

Health Fairs:

SEAHEC participates in a variety of health related events in southeastern Arizona. For information about upcoming health fairs or other health events, please contact Erin Sol


Internships can help students earn college credits while gaining practical experience. SEAHEC interns work alongside SEAHEC staff in planning, implementation and evaluation of our community based programs.  Some examples include adolescent wellness, high school health career clubs, farmworker health and safety, community health worker training, and communications, photo documentation and social media.   Internship opportunities are available on a case by case basis. Students interested in applying for an internship at SEAHEC should email a current copy of their resume and a short description of interest to Erin Sol If there is an opening that matches your interests, we will contact you.

Obtaining Credit for Field Experience:

Health Professions students pursuing internship placements to gain field experience must be enrolled in a United States licensed educational institution and in a course within that institution that specifies the number of hours required for completion of a field experience.


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