health_student1 SEAHEC offers clinical rotations for medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental and all other health professions students at varying stages of their education. You can complete observational experiences, month-long rotations, and other variations as determined by your program of study. If you are interested in learning through experience in a medically underserved community, SEAHEC can:
  • Support your housing needs by helping you to find a place to stay and, as resources allow, provide financial assistance for housing and transportation related costs;
  • Introduce you to vital community contacts and valuable resources that can help you for the duration of your health care training;Help you plan and conduct a community service project designed to address pertinent health issues affecting underserved populations in the area;
  • Serve as a link between you, your preceptor, other health professions students who may be training in the region, and the local community; andOffer you opportunities to attend educational events that will enhance your knowledge and skills.
To participate, contact your advisor or preceptor and explain that you want at least some of your training to be in one of Southeastern Arizona’s medically underserved areas. Then you or your advisor should contact SEAHEC to explore what opportunities are currently available in your discipline. For more information, contact our Student Training Opportunities Coordinator, Erin Sol We welcome all inquiries!

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