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“Growing our own” health professionals, and sustaining them, is what SEAHEC is all about. We love to hear success stories from our alumni, and share them with our readers. What has inspired you? Write us with your success stories. Share your photos and your triumphs. Here are a few from your colleagues.

Kelly Lynn Neel

Kelly Lynn Neel SEAHEC intern 2017

Kelly Lynn Neel. University of Arizona, Bachelor of Science in Public Health. May, 2017. “I worked closely with the high school population in rural communities on the Tohono O’odham nation, as well as various high schools in the south Tucson area.” Continue reading

Bernadette Hernandez

Bernadette Hernandez

I am currently living my dream of providing health services to my hometown of Nogales, AZ.  Nogales is a hybrid society split by the Mexican-American border. On the Mexican side you have a mid-size metropolitan city with the hustle and bustle of international commerce; rich in culture from those who have become stranded trying to make their way into the United States of America. On the American side, it is a close knit community where we all know each other and are anxious to help each other succeed. In my current position as the School-Linked health Care Coordinator I get to assist my community by providing children K-12 with vital health information to prevent that which we see most in our community: diabetes, asthma, and obesity. I have a solid understanding of school, health services needs and assets in our rural, U.S. Mexico border improving adolescent wellness services through collaboration, education and advocacy. “Because I live in a border town I had the chance to experience two cultures at the same time.  I learned that my community was in need of education and promotion of healthy lifestyles, which are one of the main focuses in public health.” Bernadette returned to… Continue reading