Future Health Leaders Clubs

SEAHEC’s Future Health Leaders Clubs provide exciting opportunities for high school students to learn about health professions and to  develop the skills and confidence to become successful in college.  For over 30 years, SEAHEC has provided students and their families with the support needed to pursue higher education and to become health professionals. For more information about joining a health career club at your high school, contact Lupita Gonzales lupita@seahec.org

SEAHEC helps schools throughout southeastern Arizona to establish Future Health Leaders Clubs, and provides on-going support to students and their faculty advisors. SEAHEC currently works with clubs in Bisbee, Douglas, Willcox, Nogales, Tucson, and the Tohono O’odham Nation.

Students learn about health careers, practice hands-on skills, and receive guidance on college entrance requirements and financial aid. Field trips give students an opportunity to see what college life is like and to meet peers who have chosen to pursue health professions.

FHL Club Expansion Provides Opportunities for Youth

Ajo Students

SEAHEC’s Future Health Leaders Program expansions are providing new opportunities for Pima County students. Recently, SEAHEC signed an agreement with  Ajo High School, in Ajo, Arizona, a rural community southwest of Tucson, to operate a high school based health career club there.  During the year a total of 17 Ajo high school students were recruited as FHL members and the youth participating in the health career club received health career preparation activities including guest speakers, participation in health-related community projects, and touring of academic institutions to motivate them in their pursuit of future health careers, and assistance in the preparation of college applications and financial assistance. A summary of these activities includes: Recruitment and training of a High School staff member and a local community health center staff member to be on-site health career club facilitators. On November 1st, 16 students took their CPR and First Aid class with local fire fighters from Ajo Fire Department. On December 6th the Ajo FHL club had a Medical Technician as guest speaker During FALL semester, the 17 Ajo FHL student club members conducted a community food drive enabling them to provide food for meals for needy families for Thanksgiving. On January, 2018,… Continue reading

FHL Summer Camp at ASU Rated “Awesome Experience”

“The Future Health Leaders summer program at ASU is an experience no one can ever forget. Some of the things we looked at were the simulation lab, public health presentation with many other informative presentations, the nutrition presentation, dissection lab, and microbiology lab. The amazing activities included: AMC movies, main event, game night, D-backs game, and the pool. In my opinion every presentation (as well as activities) was a unique way to inform the future health leaders [about] different carriers in the health department.”
-Juliette Garcia ( Nogales High School FHL student 2017-2018) Continue reading