Diego Garcia – Life at University of Notre Dame

Diego Garcia, former FHL Club President, now attends University of Notre Dame

Diego Garcia, former FHL Club President, now attends University of Notre Dame

Guest Blogger Diego Garcia is a former president of SEAHEC’s Nogales Future Health Leaders Club and a graduate of Nogales High School, class of 2017. He is also a SEAHEC Karen Halverson Scholar. Now studying at University of Notre Dame, Diego writes to us to share his experience at college.


Work-study: A Great Way to Pay off Student Loans


By Diego Garcia, SEAHEC Guest Blogger, University of Notre Dame November 27, 2017 This past semester, I have been working in the office of the Notre Dame Physics Department as a Secretary. I mostly stamp exam books for the department, work on small projects, and do clerical work. I really enjoy the job; it’s simple, pays well, and gives me exposure to the physics department at ND. That final aspect about the job is the reason I chose to work here. I intend on beginning research in physics next semester, and I feel that working here allows me to learn what each professor researches and exposes me to opportunities I might not otherwise know about. I realize most high school students don’t have a good idea of what work-study is and how exactly it works – I know I didn’t. Work-study is basically a way to pay off your student loans and tuition. Before beginning a semester, one can choose to participate in work-study. The Office of Financial Aid of the university then includes the predicted amount of money that student will make from working into the financial aid package. In work-study, students work short hours for a library, facility,… Continue reading

How Not to Study for Exams


December 17, 2017 After my first finals experience in college, I am absolutely exhausted. I returned home to Nogales yesterday, and slept a full 15 hours! This past week, I took three final exams. I was lucky enough that none of them were on the same day, for many students took two and even three exams in one day. Last week was stressful, draining, and overall awful for my sleep. I took final exams Monday through Thursday of last week. During the weeks leading up to finals week, I kept telling myself to study in advance for my tests and not leave it to the night before. Well, it was easier said than done. I had a ton of work to turn in before finals week, and that took my entire weekend leading up to it. Monday was my Physics final. I began studying the night before around 10. The exam took place at 4 in the afternoon. So, I thought I could study from 10 pm – 6am, take a nap from 6 am – 10am, and continue studying during the final hours. Not surprisingly, I went to sleep around 1am and woke up at 2pm. I woke up… Continue reading

College is What You Make of It

Diego and Friend

  By Diego Garcia SEAHEC, guest blogger, University of Notre Dame January 5, 2018 The clock turned past 11 and I suddenly felt a strong punch to the gut. The adrenaline began to kick in, along with a strong feeling of angst and trepidation. I quickly zoned out every distraction around me and focused solely on the blank screen in front of me. Tic-Toc. Each passing second in that final hour felt like being trapped in a room that got smaller and smaller. I typed and typed, pushing the limits of what could be written in a mere 60 minutes. With only a couple of minutes before the midnight deadline, I finished the final essay of my last college application. I hurried through the tabs and final requirements for the application as the clock wound down to 12. Finally, with a strong sigh of relief and seconds to spare before the deadline, I was officially finished. I submitted my last college application exactly one year ago. I perfectly remember the feeling. I was happy and relieved to have finally finished that stressful experience, yet scared and nervous of what the future would hold. I can imagine many of you feeling… Continue reading

Sacrifice Who I am Today for Who I Can Become Tomorrow


By Diego Garcia SEAHEC, guest blogger, University of Notre Dame January 12, 2018 I left my home today. This time around was much more difficult to leave my family, friends, and girlfriend. I’m not sure if leaving the first time did not weigh on me as much since I was excited to begin a new chapter, or if this time after being gone for so long I realized just how much I had missed home and the small things like my bed, my mom’s home-cooked meals, and the delightful weather. Today was tough. This last week in Nogales I repeated to myself over and over that I did not want to leave the comfort of my home. I’m happy at Notre Dame, and I miss my friends and life over there, but home is truly where the heart is and its hard leaving it for an extended time. Goodbyes are the worst. Knowing that you won’t see the special people in your life for months is tough. It is at the moment you last see them, the moment you have that last kiss, hug, or blessing that all your feelings culminate and explode into tears. Since I was a kid… Continue reading