Continuing Education for Health Professionals

Contact: Suzanne David, Program Manager 520-287-4722

Continuing professional education is critical for ensuring that health providers have up-to-date knowledge about medical advances and delivery of care. One of SEAHEC’s goals is to make sure that providers in outlying areas and medically underserved areas have access to quality, affordable training opportunities. To that end, SEAHEC facilitates the delivery Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians, and Continuing Education (CE) for other health care providers, throughout our service area.

Resources for Health Professionals


Webinar: Opioid Epidemic and our Community

Opioid Epidemic and our Community A webinar series focused on providing technical assistance to rural stakeholders to disseminate research findings, policy updates, best-practices and other rural health issues to statewide rural partners and stakeholders throughout the state.
Friday May 31, 2019 12:00 pm PDT.
Participants will be able to list the opioid resources available at the AZ poison center,
Identify the role of the poison center within the community,
Discuss treatment options for patients that have overdosed in different settings. Continue reading