Healthy Farms

Healthy Farms Graduates

Since 2008, SEAHEC has been working in collaboration with Chiricahua Community Health Center and the Arizona-Mexico Commission to promote farmworker health in Cochise County by addressing both access to health services and workplace health, safety, and sanitation conditions. Healthy Farms/Campos Saludables works with both farmers and farmworkers to provide health education and preventive services, and linking them to clinical care and technical assistance for workplace safety and sanitation. The Arizona-Mexico Commission’s Health Committee offers an annual Healthy Farms Recognition to farms meeting high standards in health, safety, and sanitation, which can be used to attract consumers concerned about farmworker health.  Healthy Farms/Campos Saludables  was featured in the Arizona Farm Bureau’s newsletter, “Fill Your Plate,” from September 2011.

Training of Trainers

For the past 20 years, SEAHEC has developed and implemented training programs that empower local people to become health promoters in their own communities. Throughout southeastern Arizona, we’ve worked with organizations and clinics, training their staff to train local residents as health promoters and outreach workers in areas including: health advocacy, cancer and diabetes prevention, detection and referral and other health priorities. In 2013, SEAHEC participated in the creation of advocacy trainings for promotores de salud/community health workers. Program Coordinator Hannah Hafter supported curriculum design and workshops for Acción Para La Salud, or Action for Health, a five year project out of the Arizona Prevention Research Center  at the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. The Acción Para La Salud core research project aims to determine the effectiveness of integrating community advocacy into community health worker (CHW) outreach and education activities in increasing community-driven policy change related to chronic disease prevention.  A product of this partnership is the Acción Para La Salud / Action for Health Promotora Community Health Advocacy Curriculum Guide