The Arizona Border Communities Health Network/Binational Health Council of Ambos Nogales

Mission: “To connect community partners to strengthen Arizona-Sonora border collaboration and coordination for improved health and health services.”

About the ABC Network/Binational Health Council of Ambos Nogales

In April 2010, SEAHEC received a grant from HRSA, the Health Resources and Services Administration, to develop the Arizona Border Communities (ABC) Health Network/Red Sin Paredes. The network is a collaborative project of health organizations along Arizona’s border with Mexico.

For the first time, health agencies in Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma counties, were able to meet with their Mexican counterparts at the regional level to share best practices and work jointly on common health issues. The original network partners included SEAHEC and Mariposa Community Health Center in Nogales, Chiricahua Community Health Center in Douglas, Cochise County Health & Social Services, the Regional Center for Border Health in Somerton, and the Yuma County Health Department in Somerton/San Luis.

The ABC Health Network supports and connects the bi-national community health councils (COBINAS) in each of the participating communities.

We accomplish our mission by:
  1. Regularly convening key health agencies in the border region
  2. Maintaining an updated directory of health agencies
  3. Providing access to health data in AZ/Mexico border communities
  4. Providing technical assistance among member agencies & COBINAs
  5. Sharing tools & lessons learned among our agencies & COBINAs
  6. Researching and accessing possible funding sources for commonly identified needs
 I-STAR Strategic Planning

In February 2011, the ABC Health Network hosted a series of strategic planning workshops along the border in Douglas, Nogales, and Somerton, Arizona.

Using a network development model known as I-STAR (Integrated System for Transformation, Appreciation, and Results,) Health professionals from both sides of the border identified top areas of concern for collaboration, and developed the network structure needed to work effectively together.


 The Arizona Border Region Data Resources and Virtual Library

Arizona Border Region Data Resources and Virtual Library

The ABC Health Network has collected and compiled existing health data for the following Arizona border counties: Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma. The purpose of the library is to provide health data at the county or community level that can be used by organizations and communities to set health priorities, plan health programs, and seek funding for them.

The Virtual Library makes your job easy by presenting health data relevant to your community in the format that you need it. Many of the resources are taken from national or state-wide data bases and reports, and the pieces relevant to each community have been identified. Local community needs assessments and other documents on a variety of health topics are also included. None of the resources in the library are older than 2005, ensuring that no data is significantly out-of-date. The library includes a one-paragraph summary of what you will find in each data source and how to find it. Documents in PDF format can be searched for key words connected to your area of focus using the PDF word search feature.

Submit Your Data

If you have knowledge of additional resources that provide data at the county or community level, please contact Kathleen Gilligan, program coordinator, and provide her with complete information so that the resource can be added to this virtual library.