“Take Charge of Your Education” 2012 Summer Camp 2012 SEAHEC’s Native American Program Coordinator, Brenda Redhouse, and SEAHEC’s Student Intern, Stephine Baloo, collaborated with the Pascua Yaqui Health Department and Pascua Yaqui Education Department to organize and carry out a Summer Camp for Pascua Yaqui high school students.  “Take Charge of Your Education,” was the theme for the Summer Camp and took place in July 2012. A total of 17 students attended the four day summer camp/workshop which featured topics such as: Self Identity, Student Success 101, Yaqui history, Traditional Yaqui law, CPR/First Aid training, HIPAA training, Pascua Yaqui Health Service Division program presentations, and a University of Arizona tour of the Health Science Department. Overall, the students were happy with the experience and simultaneously gained more insight and information, as wells as acquiring new skills to pursue a health profession and methods to continue their educational pursuits.