2019 Karen Halverson Scholars  

Daliana Esquivel, Nogales High School

FHL Secretary 2018-2019

Daliana has participated in the FHL club since her sophomore year.(2016 – 2019)

Being an active member of the Nogales High School Future Health Leaders Club (FHL) helped me develop myself professionally in the health care field. It provided me with a plethora of detailed information about various careers which gave me an idea of what career choice would be best fitting for myself. Additionally, being part of this club gave me opportunities like serving my community and being part of the Grand Canyon University (GCU) tour which gave me hands on experience in different careers. Lastly and most importantly, being part of this club gave me the honor to have met an incredible team of individuals who personally guided me and always gave me their support for my future endeavors.

2019 Karen Halverson Scholars

Destiny Alvarez, Ajo High School

FHL Vice President, 2019

I’ve been a part of FHL for three years. During senior year I held the position of vice president.

The FHL helped me figure out what specialty I’d like to focus on in the medical field. Along with finding my specialty, I also decided on the university I’d like to study at. This is thanks to the Health Career events held at Grand Canyon University (GCU). I am currently enrolled at GCU and will major in Biology/Pre-med.

2019 Karen Halverson Scholars

Luis Antonio de la Torre, Ajo High School

Luis will be attending GCU and he is interested in becoming a plastic surgeon.

Yazmin Almazan_Pueblo High School

Yazmin Almazan, Pueblo High School

Yasmin was accepted to the University of Arizona. She has received a University of Arizona Wildcat Tuition Award and she is interested in becoming a cardio-thoracic surgeon.