Kelly Lynn Neel SEAHEC intern 2017

Kelly Lynn Neel

Kelly Lynn Neel-University of Arizona Bachelor of Science in Public Health May, 2017.

“My internship with SEAHEC focused on health education and promotion. I worked closely with the high school population in rural communities on the Tohono O’odham nation, as well as various high schools in the south Tucson area. I developed various methods of presenting information to high school students regarding mosquito-borne illness prevention. This experience helped me with my educational pursuits, including strengthening my public speaking skills, developing health education methods to deliver to a specific population, and gave me real-world public health experience by collaborating with public health professionals and the community.”

“My next steps include working as a counselor during this summer’s AHEC FHL summer camp. I am also working full time as an EMT, and will be applying to graduate school next Spring to attain a dual degree: Masters in Public Health and a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Hopefully during this time I will be able to do a medical mission trip in South or Central America as well!”