Katherine Kanter

Katherine Kanter is a Gregory School  rising Senior and a member of Tucson’s Jewish – Latino Coalition.  She and a group of 12 high school students went to Washington DC this past year to speak with members of congress, including Martha McSally, Raul Grijalva and Lyndsey Graham.  The students advocated for several immigration issues.  Along with Jacqueline Larson, she authored “Who Better Than Us?” as guest blogger covering the 2019 FRONTERA tour with SEAHEC.

I was honored to be invited to intern with SEAHEC because of my interest in border health and immigration policy. I helped out with communications through creating letters, a brochure, photographs and reported on the 2019 FRONTERA tour. The time that Gail offered me, as a mentor, has inspired me to examine how my career path could help solve the challenges facing our communities. I am so thankful to have had hands-on experiences with leaders addressing these issues and staff dedicated to the mission of SEAHEC.