Healthy Farms Installs Bus Shelters in Winchester Heights Az Starting this school year, the children of Winchester Heights have shelter from Arizona’s often harsh climate, while they await the bus to school, thanks to SEAHEC’s Healthy Farms Program, and funding from the Cochise Community Foundation. In August, Health Professions students from the University of Arizona worked with community residents and a local contractor to construct and install two bus shelters Winchester Heights, a farming community near Willcox Arizona. Since 2009, SEAHEC has been working with the University of Arizona, and other partners to establish a community health worker (CHW) program in Cochise County for farm workers and their families. An important part of the program provides training opportunities for Health Professions students, who work alongside the Healthy Farms CHWs and community residents on health promotion and community improvement projects. Working with local residents on community identified needs provides future health professionals important insight into rural health care practice. SEAHEC’s training opportunities are designed to encourage students to pursue their careers in rural and underserved communities. Near Willcox, Cochise County, Arizona, Winchester Heights is home to 700 residents, most of whom are farm workers. The bus shelter installation was completed just one day before a torrential rain storm struck, allowing students and parents to wait for the school bus in a safe and dry environement. For more information about SEAHEC student training, placement and volunteer opportunities for health professions students, visit our website http://SEAHEC.ORG/home/programs/health-professions-students/