“Entre Nosotros” is a Mental Health & Wellness program, being offered by SEAHEC, to the Nogales and Douglas communities.  It is well known that rural communities have much greater issues with accessing health care, and even more so when it comes to accessing mental and behavioral health services.  The reasons for lack of access include:  lack of health providers in rural communities who offer mental/behavioral health services; lack of transportation to services, especially for elders and lower income folks; lack of insurance or inability to pay for services; as well as stigma for seeking mental and behavioral health services.  With a recently funded grant from the CIGNA Foundation, SEAHEC, and partners Mariposa Community Health Center and Pinal Hispanic Council, are addressing these issues and taking health and wellness program to community members.

In July, SEAHEC launched an educational program, at the Nogales Senior Center, offering workshops on mental health and wellness techniques; stress and stress reduction;

What is Anxiety and how can we address it?; Depression and care; and community resources and referral, among others.


Erin Sol, CHW, with Lora Zeinum, former SEAHEC board member.


Designed by SEAHEC’s own Public Health and Community Health Worker staff, Entre Nosotros offers “user friendly” workshop dynamics, with interactive learning sessions, individual and group reflections and exercises and culturally and linguistically appropriate materials and methodology.

Our program was developed after careful consideration and review of community health needs assessments, which identified mental and behavioral health, including depression and anxiety as top concerns for our community members.


All “mother figures” were handed a rose, which was to recognize caregivers in our lives.  


SEAHEC Community Health Workers are here to help.  If you would like more information on this program, or others, please contact us at info@seahec.org