Sacrifice Who I am Today for Who I Can Become Tomorrow


By Diego Garcia SEAHEC, guest blogger, University of Notre Dame January 12, 2018 I left my home today. This time around was much more difficult to leave my family, friends, and girlfriend. I’m not sure if leaving the first time did not weigh on me as much since I was excited to begin a new chapter, or if this time after being gone for so long I realized just how much I had missed home and the small things like my bed, my mom’s home-cooked meals, and the delightful weather. Today was tough. This last week in Nogales I repeated to myself over and over that I did not want to leave the comfort of my home. I’m happy at Notre Dame, and I miss my friends and life over there, but home is truly where the heart is and its hard leaving it for an extended time. Goodbyes are the worst. Knowing that you won’t see the special people in your life for months is tough. It is at the moment you last see them, the moment you have that last kiss, hug, or blessing that all your feelings culminate and explode into tears. Since I was a kid… Continue reading