Let the Children Come unto Me

What has happened to our compassion? In this moment of monumental crisis, with thousands of Central American children at our border, we as a nation are called to reflect on our values. Aren’t we capable of dealing with a crisis in a compassionate manner while planning for a better future for our nation and theirs?

SEAHEC, Tubac Firefigthers Host Med-Start Students

Medstart students with firefighters, Andres Egerrola, Martin Lujan, Freddie Figueroa, Bennie Martinez Tubac, June 25, 2014 Thirty eight Med-Start students met at Tubac Fire Station #3 this week to work with SEAHEC and Tubac Firefighters to learn about emergency services. SEAHEC’s Program Coordinator for Continuing Education, Suzanne David provided training in: How to LEARN MORE

2014 SEAHEC Karen Halverson Scholars

With your help, SEAHEC awarded ten Karen Halverson Memorial Scholarships to seniors pursuing a career in healthcare in Arizona. SEAHEC enjoyed an exciting and successful spring this year as our high school and health professions students made inspiring discoveries in their exploration of rural health career opportunities in southeast Arizona. SEAHEC would like to express LEARN MORE

2014 FRONTERA Border Tour

FRONTERA students were once again in Nogales this spring to explore health professions opportunities in Southeastern Arizona. This year the group included two SEAHEC Future Healthcare Leaders Alumni, Kimberly Escarcega, and Raymond Larez, of Douglas. They were among 10 members from the University of Arizona health professions student organization, Focusing Research on the Border Area, one of several student groups that SEAHEC hosts annually, to provide hands on experience in rural health care. The group was accompanied by Alejandra Zapien Hidalgo, Student Recruitment/Retention Specialist for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, University of Arizona College of Medicine.

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