SEAHEC’s Executive Director, Gail Emrick, was born and raised in Arizona  and has spent most of her professional life in Central America and the US Mexico border region working on issues of social justice, including food security and health.  Upon her recent return to the US, she is frustrated by the shallow dialogue on immigration, which focuses primarily on border security and the wall.  So, when an opportunity from the UN World Food Program arose – an invitation to participate in an academic conference on immigration and food security – Gail responded.

To prepare for this conference, held in September 2010 in Reno Nevada, Gail asked colleagues Hannah Hafter (SEAHEC Border Health Programs Coordinator), Christina Gagliardi (Project Concern International, Food Security Specialist), and Jill de Zapien, (Associate Dean U of A College of Public Healt)h to co-author a paper addressing immigration reform.  Their paper provides an overview of historical, political, and economic considerations which must be included in a truly comprehensive reform to our immigration policy.  Moreover, it provides practical recommendations which help address root causes and address issues of food and economic livelihood security.  This two page brief, “The Missing Pieces in Comprehensive Immigration Reform” outlines how US policy and dialogue could and should address root causes of migration.

Read the Policy Brief Here: