Baboquivari High School Health Career Club Launched
By Brenda Redhouse

SEAHEC held its first meeting with the Health Career Club at Baboquivari High School (BHS) on November 15, 2011 and it was great!  A total of 26 students participated.  We provided lunch for the students for our first meeting.   SEAHEC intern, Stephine Baloo and I created and presented a three minute digital story of ourselves and our “pathway to health careers” as our introduction to them. 

As the new coordinator of the program, I am working towards achieving the accomplishments SEAHEC has made in recruitment, placement and retention in underserved communities in southern Arizona.  We have so much to do in our work with the Native American community.  A collaborative dialogue has begun among the Arizona AHEC Program and the Arizona Department of Health Services, Native American Liaison, on increasing efforts to support Native American health professions development.

Tohono O’odham students express views on health careers:

When you think of “health careers” what professions do you think about?


When you think of college, what do you think about?

Payment PlansResponsibilityPartyDegree
What type of activities would you like to have in this club?
          Visit USC, NAU, BYU, or Loma Linda
          Speakers: Pediatric, electrical engineer, nurse

Overall, our first club meeting was well received.  The principle of the school briefly observed and later expressed his happiness about the club.  Our meetings will be meeting every Thursday from 11:45am to 12:25pm.  Depending on the success of our Health Career Club this year, it could become an after-school program next academic year.