SEAHEC Program Assistant Aissa Acuña

SEAHEC Program Assistant Aissa Acuña

SEAHEC Staff bid a fond farewell to Program Assistant Aissa Acuña in December, 2016. After working at SEAHEC  for three years, Ms. Acuña has accepted the Program Director position at Boys and Girls Club, where she has worked part time for several years. Ms. Acuña says her time at SEAHEC has been one of professional growth. Her many accomplishments include serving as secretary of the Arizona Border Community (ABC) Health Network/Consejos Bi-nacionales de Salud, Ambos Nogales,(COBINA.) As COBINA secretary, Ms. Acuña helped organize SEAHEC hosted service learning events, provided translation and interpretation, and kept COBINA member organizations up to date on available resources and events. During her time with SEAHEC, Ms. Acuña said, she came to know many people through collaboration with other organizations. She also learned about public health, continuing education, student placement, and resources available both locally and in other counties, which will be useful in her new position.

“I learned a lot during the three years I spent with SEAHEC that will help me lead youth to pursue a career and become involved in the community.” 

Bite the Bite A Team Future Health Leaders

Aissa and SEAHEC’s Bite the Bite Team Members at the Boys and Girls Club

With a focus on youth career exploration, the Boys and Girls Club has much in common with SEAHEC. Recently, Ms. Acuña helped facilitate a collaboration between SEAHEC and the Boys and Girls Club to educate school age children about how to prevent the spread of mosquito borne illness. SEAHEC wishes to say Congratulations, Aissa. We look forward to collaborating with you as Boys and Girls Club Program Director. We are very proud of you, and wish you all the best.