Diego Garcia – Life at Notre Dame University

Diego Garcia, former FHL Club President now studies at Notre Dame University

Diego Garcia, former FHL Club President now studies at Notre Dame University

Guest Blogger Diego Garcia is a former president of SEAHEC’s Nogales Future Health Leaders Club and a graduate of Nogales High School. He is also one of our Karen Halverson Scholars. Now studying at Notre Dame University, Diego writes to us to share his experience at college.



Three Days into College

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Today is Monday – day of the Great American Eclipse. Notre Dame had an awesome weekend planned out for the class of 2021 and I had a great time. I arrived at South Bend, Indiana Friday a little past noon. I was really excited to get to start a new chapter of my life, yet, naturally, I was anxious and nervous about what the future would hold. The University had several activities planned out for us, which included the official welcome, a cookout inside the Notre Dame football stadium, ice skating, and many dorm festivities. Most universities have their own type of welcome weekends and I’d like to think that each do a great job of getting you prepared for the stress ahead. Welcome weekends definitely help get your mind off the fact that you’ll be away from home, but more importantly they help you build friendships at your college. My classes start tomorrow, and I don’t even have a backpack, book, notebook, or any type of school supply. I don’t think it will matter much because I’m told that the first week of college always consists of syllabus readings. I still can’t even believe I am already in college.… Continue reading

First Day of Class

Diego Garcia (L - NHS FHL) Amy Garvey (Mt. Sinai)

Today was my first day of classes in college. Everything went great at first, but then I had a horrible end of the day. Today is Tuesday, so I had Writing and Rhetoric, Calculus, and Microeconomics. Getting to wake up at 10:30 to go to class was great. It’s like having late-start at Nogales High School but everyday. Overall, each of my classes seemed pretty strict with attendance, grading, tardiness, and other things like that. I don’t know why, but I imagined the classes to be more laid back since I thought they would be larger. Well, since Notre Dame is big on small class sizes, all of these – except for microeconomics – had less than 15 students. Going through the syllabus of each course intimidated me as all courses seemed demanding. I feel like I am going to have to become more disciplined with studying and start putting more time into my work. Maybe being intimidated is only natural of a Freshman in college and hopefully the classes won’t seem as tough. After finishing my last class of the day, I decided I needed to buy all my school supplies. However, the only place in campus to do… Continue reading